Staff Training Day - Friday 12th July 2024 - School closed to all students

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Staff Training Day - Friday 12th July 2024 - School closed to all students

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Key Stage 3 

At KS3 students explore a diverse range of topics and time periods.  Each topic is focused on a key historical concept such as continuity, change, cause, consequence, significance or similarity and difference.  Students will develop their source analysis and evaluation skills and further explore the idea of interpretations within history.  Effective communication is an integral part of KS3 history and students will be guided in developing their explanations, structuring debate and formulating balanced judgements.

Year 7 - Students begin their study with the impact of the 1066 Norman Conquest of England.  This includes a local area study of Pickering Castle which was one of the first castles built following the Norman Conquest.  Other topics include life in medieval England, a comparison of medieval England with the medieval Islamic world, power and the monarchy in medieval England and the rise of the Tudor dynasty.

Year 8 – Students undertake a series of inquiries on the impact of Britain and Europe on other parts of the world. Topics include Native Americans after the arrival of Europeans, the transatlantic Slave Trade and life under the British Empire.  Student will also explore the changes at home through a study of what the Victorians did for us and the end of the British Empire and how it affected people at home and abroad.

Year 9 - This year focuses on modern history and includes topics such as the causes of WWI, interpretations of WWII, 20th century dictatorships and the Cold War.  We also explore the struggle for change and recognition of key issues such as women’s right to vote, civil rights, working conditions, LGBT+ rights and tackling ableism.  Our Year 9 curriculum also includes a study of the Holocaust.


The Department are looking to develop their provision to include enrichment activities including a range of trips and visits. 

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GCSE History 

Students study a range of topics which prepare them for 2 examination papers: 

Paper 1: Understanding the modern world which is divided into two topics:  

A period study on America 1920–1973: Opportunity and inequality.  This focuses on the social, economic, and political changes in the USA across this period and includes topics such as prohibition, the Wall Street Crash and the struggle for African American civil rights.  

A wider world depth study on Conflict and tension: The First World War, 1894–1918.  This study looks at the causes of the First World War, the key battles, developments in tactics and technology and the reasons for the armistice in November 1918.    

Paper 2: Shaping the nation is divided into two topics: 

A thematic study on Health and the People: c1000 to present day.  This topic explores the key idea and developments in medicine, treatment, surgery, and public health from the medieval period to the modern day.   

A British depth study on Elizabethan England, c1568–1603.  Students will gain a deeper understanding of the major events and challenges faced by Elizabeth I in the last 35 years of her reign.  This topic also includes a historic environment study of Elizabethan England in which students are examined on a specific historical site.  This site changes each year, previous examples include Hardwick Hall and the Rose Theatre.

GCSE History Specification:


The department offers a WWI battlefields experience visiting key sights in France and Belgium such as Thiepval Memorial and the Menin Gate at Ypres.

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A Level History

This course is divided into four topics. There are 3 examined topics and a topic-based essay.   

  • Topic 1: British period study and enquiry – England 1485-1558: The Early Tudors.  This course builds on knowledge gained at GSCE and looks at the Tudor monarchs; Henry VII, Henry VIII and also includes a source-based enquiry on Edward VI and Mary I.   
  • Topic 2: Non-British period study – Democracy and dictatorships in Germany 1919—1963.  This topic looks at the changes in German governance from the end of the First World War to the building of the Berlin Wall.  This includes Weimar Germany, the establishment of the Nazi dictatorship and the division of Germany after 1945.   
  • Topic 3: Thematic study and historical interpretation - Civil Rights in the USA 1865—1992.  This is a wide-ranging study of the struggle for civil rights in the US and explores change and continuity for women, Native Americans, African Americans and workers across this period.   
  • Topic 4: Topic-based essay – this is a 3,000 to 4,000 word essay which students research and write with support from their teachers. 

A Level History Specification:

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