Staff Training Day - Friday 12th July 2024 - School closed to all students

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Staff Training Day - Friday 12th July 2024 - School closed to all students

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About Our School

Trust Equality Objectives

Equality of opportunity is fundamental to creating school where learners and staff thrive. The Trust is fully committed to eliminating unlawful and unfair discrimination and values the differences that a diverse community brings. Working towards a community of schools that value equality of opportunity is of the highest priority and requires all those within the Trust to be constantly vigilant in supporting all learners and staff.

To this end the Trust will:

  • Ensure all staff are regularly trained to understand equality and diversity
  • Ensure all initiatives and policies are underpinned by a desire for equality and diversity
  • Regularly assess the frequency of incidents in relation to protected characteristics and will report to the Trust Board on their findings
  • Regularly update and monitor the Trust Equality Policy
  • Promote a range of activities through the curriculum that will “our desire for a respectful, tolerant and diverse community”
  • Promote British Values
  • Educate young people in relation to the dangers of child on child abuse and sexual exploitation
  • Record and report to the LGC’s and Trust Board incidents and frequency of child on child abuse

The Trust will not discriminate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race (which includes colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation. Please visit here to read our Equality Policy.

The Trust will build a culture that values respect, tolerance and individual differences. CVLT’s strapline is “where learners and staff thrive” and the Trust is committed to embed this into all that we do.

The Trust is aware of the dangers of the growing sexualisation of young people and is committed to reduce unwanted incidences of sexualised language, contact and related behaviour such as sending unsolicited images via social media. The Trust takes child on child abuse seriously so as to create a safe learning environment.

Date of last review: November 2022

Next review: November 2024

Coast and Vale Learning Trust

About Coast and Vale Learning Trust

The Coast and Vale Learning Trust in Scarborough aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

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