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The dress code and list of school uniform 

Dress Code

The only jewellery allowed to be worn is one small, plain stud earring in each ear (if pierced).  In certain circumstances (such as practical lessons and PE/Games), students may be required to remove their stud earrings.  Students in Years 7 to 11 are not allowed nose jewellery and this includes retainers.

Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn in school. 

Extraordinary hair styles and colouring are not allowed, for example unnatural colours, shaved sides and tramlines or similar.

School Uniform

School Sweatshirt: The school “V” neck sweatshirt is bottle green with the school’s name embroidered on it in gold thread.  It is compulsory to wear this sweatshirt between October half-term and Easter.  Teachers may give permission for it to be removed in classrooms.   Available from Rumours only.

Ties should be worn properly, cover the top button and hang to full length.  Available from Rumours only.

  • Years 7 – 9: dark green with a broad gold diagonal stripe
  • Years 10 – 11: dark green with a widely-spaced single thin gold stripe

  • Shoes should be plain black leather or leather-look, enclosed shoes (not boots) which do not resemble trainers or pumps in style or in material (e.g. no Converse, Vans, canvas or logos).  
  • Shirt: School shirts are white, long sleeved and regular fit.  All shirt buttons to be done up to the top and the shirt tucked into trousers.  Short sleeved, regular fit school shirts can be worn in the warmer months from Easter up to October half-term.
  • Trousers:  Boys and girls:  black classically pleated or flat front, full length straight leg traditional fit school trousers.  No skin tight trousers.  No denim or external studs.  
  • Trousers must be waist-high so that shirts can be tucked in properly.  If a belt is necessary it must be plain black.
  • Skirt:     Black – stitch down pleated or box pleated.  The hem of the skirt should be just above the knee.
  • Tights: Plain black.
  • Socks: Plain black or white ankle length

Please be aware that some shops sell items of clothing classed as “school uniform” which are fashion items and not appropriate for school wear.  If you are unsure about the acceptability of any item of clothing, please contact your child’s Pastoral Manager at the school before purchase.

P.E. Clothing:

  • Trainers
  • Shorts: Black only.
  • Girls can wear plain black skort (not for climbing) or plain black leggings (full or ¾ length).
  • Shirt: Lady Lumley’s black, green and gold short sleeved polo shirt. Available from Rumours only.          
  • Socks: Long black socks for both PE and Games. 
  • Football boots (boys only).
  • Shin pads (boys and girls).

 Games Clothing:

  • Boys: Lady Lumley’s emerald green/amber rugby shirt.  Available from Rumours only.
  • Girls:  Lady Lumley’s black, green and gold jumper.  Available from Rumours only.        
  • Students can wear a black skin top under the black, green and gold polo shirt/black, green and gold jumper/rugby shirt
  • Tracksuit bottoms of a plain dark colour may be worn on cold days with the permission of the teacher.  Bottoms with zips will not be permitted in rugby lessons.
  • Gum shields:  We highly advise that gum shields should be worn for activities such as hockey and rugby – our supplier can be contacted directly at where prices are very reasonable. 

Outdoor Clothing

Students can wear hats to school in the winter months, but cannot wear them in the school buildings.

We recommend a sensible plain, neutral coloured outdoor coat to be worn over the school uniform. 

Denim jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts or sports tops etc. are discouraged and students will not be allowed to wear these around the school.

Please clearly mark all items of clothing and personal kit with the student’s name.  This will help greatly in recovering lost property. 

Uniform items are available from Rumours of Scarborough. 

Rumours is based at 17 Victoria Road, Scarborough, YO11 1SB.  Tel: 01723 501989. 

We do keep a small number of ties for sale at Reception for emergencies.

Provision of Second-Hand Uniforms

We do stock a number of pre-loved items of uniform.  If you would like further information, please contact a member of the Pastoral Team or Reception on Tel: 01751 47286 or Email:

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