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About Our School

Our Staff

Name Post
Ms Yvonne Abbey Supply - ATS
Mr Ismail Ahmed ATS/DT Technician/Site Supervisor
Mrs Fiona Allan Sixth Form Student Support Manager
Mrs Helen Allenby Teacher - Science
Mr Barrie Allison Assistant Senior Site Supervisor
Mr James Ambrose Subject Leader - Biology
Miss Elizabeth Armitage Supply DT Technician
Mrs Katy Ashworth ATS
Mrs Kate Barnard KS4 Leader - English
Mrs Sandra Best Cook
Mr Paul Bircumshaw Relief Mini Bus Driver
Mr Martin Blythe Transport Manager
Mrs Shirley Brearley Cleaner/MSA/Invigilator
Mrs Deanna Briggs Invigilator
Mrs Dawn Briston Invigilator
Mr John Brockbank Supply Inclusion Room Manager
Mrs Linda Brooker Invigilator
Miss Hazel Brown Pastoral Officer
Miss Fay Brunton Attendance/Office Admin
Mr Christopher Burns Relief Mini Bus Driver
Mrs Claire Campbell Cleaning Supervisor/Invigilator
Mrs Heather Carpenter Technician - Science
Mr Alex Carter Assistant Head - Improving Sixth Form
Mr Joseph Childs Teacher - PE
Mr Stuart Cleary Teacher - Mathematics
Mr Luke Collier Technician - ICT
Mr James Davidson Curriculum Leader for History
Mr Brian Davis Acting Deputy Headteacher - Improving the Quality of Education
Mrs Kate Davis Teaching Assistant
Mrs Janet Davison Invigilator
Mr Christopher Dawson Teacher - Psychology i/c GDPR
Miss Gabriella De Benedictis Teacher - DT
Mr Lee Douglas Teacher - PE
Miss Linsey Eddon General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Tanya Elsworth Assistant Head - Improving Engagement and Student Welfare & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr David Fairclough KS4 Leader
Mr Daniel Farey Supply Teacher - Art
Mrs Christine Farrell Supply Teacher
Mrs Linda Fernie ROOSE - Admin Assistant
Miss Clair Foden Headteacher
Mrs Katie Foster Teacher - Science/Biology
Mrs Angela Foxton Assistant Cook
Ms Christine Freestone Supply ATS/TA
Mrs Anita Frith Learning Support Coordinator
Mrs Jenny Fuller Teacher - Geography/Staff Mentor
Mrs Rosemary Gajdus Invigilator
Mrs Lesley Gardner General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Kate Gibbs Pastoral Support Officer - Y10 & Staff Governor
Mrs Holly Gibson Teacher - Art
Ms Chelsea Gill ITT Student - Drama
Mr Jared Gill Subject Leader - Physics
Mrs Lisa Gill Pastoral Support Officer
Mrs Sarah Goodwill Curriculum Leader - Drama
Mrs Beverley Hainsworth Technician - FT
Miss Kerry Hammond Teacher - Science
Miss Emily Harrison Cleaner
Mrs Michelle Harvey Teacher - English i/c KS3
Mr Martin Heeley Teacher - MFL i/c PSHCCE/Careers Coordinator
Ms Lisa Hill General Kitchen Assistant and Supply Cleaner
Mr Mark Hill Volunteer
Mr Nicholas Hill Teacher - Computing
Miss Emily Holbrook Teaching Assistant
Mrs Kathryn Holbrook PA to Headteacher
Mrs Claire Hughes Teacher - History
Mrs Sarah Jackson School Counsellor & Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Steve Jackson Invigilator/Supply Teacher
Miss Kelly Jasiewicz General Kitchen Assistant & Supply Cleaner/MSA
Miss Charlotte Jemison Admin Assistant & Attendance
Mrs Sarah Jennings Teacher - English
Mrs Rachel Johnston Teacher - MFL
Miss Sarah Jowett ROOSE - Head of Centre
Ms Susan Lakin ROOSE - Teacher
Mrs Philippa Lander Teacher - Science
Mrs Hazel Le Grande Teacher - Mathematics
Mr Kevin Le Grande ATS
Mrs Imogen Lloyd Second in Mathematics
Mrs Anna Lowe Careers Advisor
Mr Alex Machen Teacher - Mathematics
Mr Thomas Maczka ATS
Mr Ryan Makinson Network Manager
Mr David Mann Teacher - MFL/Geography i/c Outdoor Education
Mrs Heather Marden Invigilator
Miss Andrea Mark Subject Leader - MFL i/c KS3/4/5 German
Mr Philip Martin Curriculum Leader for Food and Design Technology
Mrs Victoria Martin Curriculum Leader for English
Ms Sue Mawson Exam Support/Reprographics
Mr Peter McGrath Curriculum Leader - Art
Mrs Margaret Miller Invigilator
Mr Brian Minikin Caretaker
Mrs Laura Moisey-Smith Invigilator
Mr Ian Murray Supply Receptionist
Dr Ron Murray Invigilator
Mr Tiarnan O'Cleirigh Teacher - English
Mr Andrew Orland Relief Minibus Driver
Mrs Janet Phillips Finance Manager
Mrs Diane Potter Cleaner
Mrs Helen Prole Invigilator
Mrs Abbie Pye Curriculum Leader - Geography
Mrs Marion Richardson Cleaner/MSA/Invigilator
Miss Sue Robinson SENDCo
Mr Jarad Robson Curriculum Leader for Business
Ms Donna Rueth Learning Resource Manager
Mr Terence Rutherford Senior Site Supervisor
Mrs Sue Sales ROOSE - Teacher
Miss Georgina Scott Teacher - History
Mrs Samantha Skinner Invigilator
Miss Emily Sleightholme Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vanessa Smallwood Business Manager
Mrs Debbie Smith ATS
Mrs Sue Smith ROOSE - Teacher
Miss Yasmin Spencer Teacher - Mathematics/Staff Mentor
Ms Samantha Squibb Assistant Head - Improving Assessment and Raising Standards
Mrs Emma Steadman Pastoral Officer
Mrs Ellen Steele Curriculum Leader - Mathematics
Mrs Lisa Suggitt General KItchen Assistant and Supply Cleaner
Mr Pretam Swaminathan Teaching Assistant
Mr Sam Taylor Teacher - Science/Biology
Mrs Sarah Temple Teacher - Geography
Mrs Deborah Thompson ATS
Mrs Helen Thompson General Kitchen Assistant
Mrs Sarah Thompson KS3 Leader
Mrs Janine Turner Exams Officer
Miss Sarah Turner Curriculum Leader - PE
Miss Vicky Twamley Teacher - PE
Miss Lena Wasley Cleaner
Ms Emma Watson Curriculum Leader - RE
Mrs Emma Welburn-Kelly Curriculum Leader - Music
Miss Zoe Wentworth General Kitchen Assistant and Supply Cleaner
Mr Robert Wilcock Curriculum Leader - Media
Mr Jonathon Wilks KS4 Leader - English
Mrs Carolyn Willett Teacher - FT
Mr Tony Williams Part-Time Caretaker
Miss Candice Wilson Curriculum Leader - Science
Miss Rachel Wilson Curriculum Leader - MFL i/c KS3/4/5 French & KS4/5 Spanish
Mrs Helen Windass Invigilator
Mrs Heather Yeabsley Invigilator
Mrs Ruth Zail General Kitchen Assistant

Coast and Vale Learning Trust

About Coast and Vale Learning Trust

The Coast and Vale Learning Trust in Scarborough aims to improve education in the locality through establishing coherent and collaborative practice across schools and other educational institutions in the area.

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