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Sixth Form


Course Title: 


A Level History

Exam Board:



What is it all about?


History is a fascinating subject, in studying it you will develop an understanding of the past and how it has shaped the world today.  It encourages us to further explore what we read and how information is presented to us. 

A Level History is recognised as a rigorous and academic A-level, in choosing to study it you will develop a wide variety of transferable skills.  These include the ability to communicate effectively, to research, analyse and evaluate information and to work independently.  Developing your skills as a historian will equip you well for further education and employment. 


Want to know more?


How will I be assessed? 

There are 4 units in total including 3 examined units and one coursework unit.


Unit One: British History Period Study and Enquiry

England 1485- 1558 – The Early Tudors


50 marks


25 % of the total A level


1 hour 30 minutes


Unit Two: Non-British History

Democracy and Dictatorship in Germany 1919-1995


30 marks


15% of the total A level


1 hour paper

Unit Three: Thematic Study and Historical Interpretation

Civil Rights in the USA 1865-1992

80 marks


40% of the total A level


2 hours 30 minutes

Unit Four:

Topic Based Essay


40 marks


20 % of the total A level


3000-4000 words essay


What are the entrance requirements?

The course builds on, but does not depend on, the knowledge, understanding and skills gained in GCSE History.

It is recommended that students have communication and literacy skills equivalent to GCSE grade ‘4’ in English.


What skills do I need?


Successful students demonstrate…

Future prospects?


History A Level is a rigorous and impressive qualification that will provide you with an excellent foundation for further education and training.   History works well in combination with a variety of subjects, including sciences and can help towards a degree in fields such as law, business, education, politics, and languages.   

In the long term it will support you in a vast array of career pathways such as law, politics, education, banking, marketing, management, publishing, curatorship, and careers across the public sectors such as social work. 



What do our students say?

  • ‘The skills in judgement and analysis that are developed through history changes the way you perceive the views and beliefs you see day to day.’ 
  • ‘History is a great choice it has allowed me to explore things I am interested in particularly through the independent study’ 
  • ‘History has given me skills applicable to many subjects as it improves confidence when presenting and makes writing more articulate from writing essays and reading complex interpretations’ 




Meet Mrs Thompson, Head of History, who will ask some of her current Y13 students about the History course, what topics are covered, what a typical lesson looks like and how the History course can lead into future opportunities

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